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Meet Laura

President & Audacious Adventure Hunter

Laura's Story:

I have always had an adventurous spirit and love for nature. Growing up I practically lived outdoors, building forts and exploring the woods around my home. Having a gift for finding wild animals, I considered them all in need of my assistance. From tadpoles to turtles, baby squirrel to a young crow, all were gently carried home, then met with a stern reminder that wild animals belong in their natural habitat and are better left alone. As I grew so did my appreciation for nature and its wonderful adventures. Becoming a proficient kayaker, a trained cave diver, licensed pilot and more, I discovered our natural outdoor playground. Nowadays I enjoy skydiving, nature exploration and seeking adventures with my husband and two children. Every day we take a moment, pause, and appreciate the incredible world around us.

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Meet Nadene

Illustrator & Illustrious Action Seeker

Nadene's Story:

In a way, I have lived my life in reverse: As a child I was cautious and more interested in books than outdoor adventure. As an adult, I can't be kept indoors or sitting still for very long! After several years behind a corporate marketing desk, staring wistfully out my office window, I ran away to "live the dream". These days I spend my time working with outdoor adventure companies to level up their marketing, pursuing personal creative projects, skydiving professionally, and traveling the world. Life is short, and I'm doing my very best to explore and enjoy as much of it as possible. I have learned to listen to the wisdom of my inner child, and love to see the world through the adventurous eyes of my niece and nephew.

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Meet Brian

Author & World Famous Skydiver

Brian's Story:

Brian Germain is an author, teacher, entrepreneur, inventor, test pilot, psychology researcher, keynote speaker, and world champion skydiver. He began this eclectic career on April 13, 1986, the day he first jumped out of an airplane. A psychology student at the University of Vermont at the time, Brian began his research on the topic of fear and the coping mechanisms for dealing with it. Over 20 years and 13,000 jumps later, Brian is still researching fear which he has taken on in a very personal way. Having survived a near fatal paraglider collapse in 1993, he returned to the sky to redesign modern wing parachutes in an effort to prevent the same tragedy from befalling other aeronauts. A few short years (and thousands of jumps) later he went on to win ESPN's X-Games in Freefly Skydiving.

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